3 - Henry Phillips and Daniel Kinno


This week on the Todd Glass show we are thrilled to greet our newest guest Henry Phillips, oh and Daniel Kinno is back yet again to keep Todd in line.

Todd Glass opens the podcast with a heartfelt conversation explaining how he would like the show to be a safe space for his guests, stating that all conversation topics (even the lame ones) are fair game to explore.

Shortly after Todd, Henry and Daniel say goodbye to a legend, Frank Potenza (Uncle Frank) whom will be greatly missed.

Later on Todd and Daniel patiently sit back and listen to the humble beginnings of guest Henry Phillips, and later go into the controversial topic of men showing their toes in public.

Midway through, the group is blessed with a phone call from definitely the real Jerry Seinfeld, who shares his opinion wearing flip flops on stage as a comedian.

After a heated debate on feet, Todd and Daniel go into a rather bizarre story involving a mysterious black suitcase, and end with a conversation on obsolete human behaviors.

The very talented Henry Phillips joins Todd and Daniel and we get a few phones calls...