5 - Eddie Pepitone


This week on the Todd Glass show Eddie Pepitone joins Todd and Daniel to talk about the wonders of meditation, smoking pot and recreational vicodin.

We also get a glimpse into the dark side of Todd when he tells us about his crazy mother, his experiences with therapy and about his secret pleasurable problem with being a bit of a klepto.

Thankfully the show moves in a lighter direction with conversation topics such as how cigarette companies used the flintstones to sell cigarettes, to catch a predator, the apocalypse radio show host, really bad karaoke (I mean REALLY bad), the good cop bad cop routine and Todd Glass’s outstanding murderer voice.

You may think it is strange to hear such a quality murderer voice coming from Todd, considering the fact that he looks like a cop and frequently does police ride alongs, but boy is it something to look forward to.

If nothing above grabs your attention, fret not because the worst guesser in the entire world joins us in the aftershow to talk about glory holes and Henry Kissinger.

Eddie Pepitone joins the show to tell us about his secret meditation secret and sings some karaoke!