6 - Chris Hardwick


This week on the Todd Glass show Chris Hardwick joins Todd for a more serious show.

The show starts with the awkward story of how poor Todd had to evict his housemate, but shortly afterwards shifts to moments we all treasure like yelling in traffic.

In all seriousness the majority of the show involves Todd and Chris chatting about their experiences with auditioning for parts on television shows, giving insight into how the process can be.

Sure, auditioning for a part is tough and the individual may not be the right fit for the job, but showing up, trying and being a good person can be rewarding.

Just because the individual auditioning may not fit a certain role does not mean the audition was a waste of time.

Periodically throughout the show Todd’s autistic, or as Chris would say, “autastic”, neighbor shares his amazing talent on the trumpet. I must say he has very eclectic taste in music.

Later on Todd shares a few voice messages from friends such as Blake Wexler, whom talks about helping out Todd’s mother, John Farley, who shares his intimate moments with Todd, and Brian Regan calls in to chat on how he REALLY wants to be on the podcast.

During the last section of the show Todd and Chris have an interesting discussion on what entertainment has become.

Is it strange that to catch a predator, cops and Toddlers and Tiara’s have become what we consider entertainment? Is Bob hope actually funny? The following questions and many more will be discussed on this week's episode.

Our favorite boss Chris Hardwick joined the show and we're so excited we are releasing the episode early as a bonus! We talk about podcasting, comedy and trumpet playing.