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"Silly Dance Party" Clip - Episode 52 from the Comedy Attic in Bloomington

A few men appear to have more fun dancing as a group rather than going hunting together.

Lots of fun with Todd, Geoff Tate and the fans!

This was the clip played during the first live episode of The Todd Glass Show in Bloomington, Indiana.

Video by Mikey L'Heureux & Chris Burden 

The Todd Glass Show goes Camping - Slideshow - Episode 60

It's the long awaited camping episode of the show! Tommy Chong joins us and a great time is had by all. Also, our photographer Mikey L'Heureux is finally back this week so you (the "fans") can visualize the whole night with this slideshow he masterfully put together. Enjoy!

Video by Mikey L'Heureux & Chris Burden

A jingle with some pictures from our recent road trip with Jim Gaffigan in San Francisco.

Thanks to Joe MacKenzie from Portland, OR for the jingle.

Video by Mikey L'Heureux & Chris Burden

This is a segment we opened our show with live at the first annual LAPodFest in Santa Monica.

Video by Mikey L'Heureux & Chris Burden

The Todd Glass Show is live at the DC Improv and since you couldn't all be there, we want you to see how much fun we had with this awesome crowd!

Rory Scovel joined us for our 100th show & we had a blast. These are some of the highlights.

With the presence of a full band, Andy Dick is given quite the introduction.

Welcome, Andy Dick! (Todd Glass Show - Episode 105)

Video by Mikey L'Heureux & Chris Burden