1 - Tom Martin and Daniel Kinno


Todd Glass and guests Tom Martin and Daniel Kinno begin the show by talking about their fears of not knowing what to talk about during the first podcast, younger adults becoming interested in comedy, past embarrassing encounters from teachers and their tough beginnings as comedians.

Later on Todd goes into his negative experience during his jewish birthright trip, chatty masseuses and how much it means to him when fans go out of their way to attend his shows.

Midway through the show Todd, Tom and Daniel graciously shed light on burning questions from their fans related to future plans for the podcast, why it is so hard for clubs to get things right for comedians, the comedians that inspired them growing up and their dream jobs if they were to not pursue entertainment.

The final forty five minutes involve the after show in which Todd, Tom and Daniel smoke pot, which ends with devastation as Todd finds out that he actually died during his heart attack.

It's the first episode of The Todd Glass Show and friends Tom Martin and Daniel Kinno are here! Make sure to stick around for the aftershow...