10 - Graham Elwood


Brian Regan, Zach Galifianikis and now Nick Swardson? By golly who doesn’t want to be a part of the Todd Glass show!

In this episode Todd shares his awkward voicemail from Nick Swardson, with his new guest Graham Elwood. But Graham isn’t the only guest as we are graced with the presence of easy breezy Libby, whom is very easy going and can do just about any type of fun activity you suggest for her! Really, you name it she’s open to it!

Turn up the speakers during the after show while Blake Wexler whispers sweet nothings in your ears and bring a change of clothes to prepare yourself for the most well thought out seltzer water prank ever executed by man.


This week we are joined by the wonderful Graham Elwood for some singing, stories from back in the day and characters. Make sure to stick around for the very special and intimate aftershow.