7 - Rory Scovel returns!


On this weeks episode of the Todd Glass show, Todd’s phone line has be hijacked by an angry old man named Jerry (no not Jerry Seinfeld).

Todd’s team makes countless attempts to disconnect Jerry from the line, but unfortunately Jerry manages to stay for the majority of the podcast.

Although he initially comes off as angry, rude, miserable, irate, spiteful, raging and just downright soulless, Jerry warms up to the crew and even shows his love and affection to this week’s guest, Rory Scovel.

Once angry old Jerry settles down, Todd goes into his OCD how he knows he uses words incorrectly all the time but redeems this  with his savant like social intelligence.

If you are starting off the show hungry, grab snacks because Todd and Rory go into Rory’s secret talent on how he and his wife can eat 18 bread bowls with their two, yes TWO, bowls of soup, and thankfully our favorite autistic neighbor plays the family guy theme a couple of times just to share his amazing skill and talent.

Rory Scovel missed us so much he came back for more! We take a few phone calls, discuss free bread at The Olive Garden and Rory helps us deal with our noisy neighbors.