9 - Kevin Farley


Todd Glass makes Kevin Farley comfortable by jumping into the podcast with a definitely not awkward message from Zach Galifianakis.

The message was full of happiness and praise directed at Todd for having one of the best podcasts,  if not THE best podcast the internet has to offer. But this seems to worry Todd...will his show get too big?

I suppose the issue here is what we know as, “good problems to have.” After Todd explains his “champagne problems” Todd goes into his experiences on last comic standing, shares his beautiful english accent with us and Daniel and Todd share their story of how they were viciously harassed on a flight by an angry mother.

Oh and don’t worry, black Jerry Seinfeld and the autistic kid from next door join us, yet again to add joy and laughter to the entire experience. That being said, this podcast isn’t all fun in games.

A gay man gets lost in a warehouse and Todd expresses his fantasy of creating a snuff film, which causes him to almost quit his own podcast.

Kevin Farley stops by the shop for some sing-alongs, family storytelling and more!